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Paris: Complete Insider's Guide for Women

by Erica Stewart

Paris: The Complete Insider´s Guide for Women Traveling To Paris: … Guidebook from an Expert—Erica Stewart

Learn the Ins and Outs of Traveling to Paris from an Expert - Erica Stewart The Insider´s Guide to Women Travel to this Amazing City! Brimming with insider knowledge, helpful tips and recommendations to off-the-beaten path attractions, this travel guide helps you discern the good from the bad and the worthy from the overrated. From sightseeing to shopping, clubbing and, of course, feasting like a true local, let the author guide you through the overwhelming maze of options this magical city has to offer. Are you a female adventurer? Then hop on board and travel with us as focus on answering your most ardent questions; we’ll calm your fears and highlight all you must know before you go, as well as provide you with all the sources you’ll need before and during your unforgettable vacation. Few cities have the ability to make women swoon, quite like Paris. The most visited and dreamed about destination in the world is often regarded as one of the most enticing for female travelers. With its near endless array of famous landmarks, unrivaled shopping, and delectable dining, Paris can deliver a phenomenal adventure no matter what your interests. Need some help planning your unforgettable trip to Paris? We’ve got you covered. The Women's Guide to Paris is the ultimate travel companion for the discerning woman who knows what she wants, and wishes to waste no time doing it, seeing it, buying it, eating it and experiencing it. Discover all there is to know about Paris: what to see and do, what best to avoid, how to navigate your way around and the best spots for relaxing, dining, drinking and shopping. You’ll find chapters dedicated solely to the best health and beauty spas in Paris, as well as ideas on how to enjoy fantastic girly days in this most magical of cities. So pack this invaluable guide in your suitcase and get ready to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, in the most beautiful city in the world!

About the Author

Over the past 15 years I've been passionate about languages and traveling, and my writing reflects my experiences abroad. I’ve visited many different countries around the world, including Spain, Brazil, Italy, China, Russia, and Morocco. This has given me the opportunity to improve my fluency in a number of foreign languages. It also lets me explore different parts of the world, meet interesting people, and learn their histories. Once all is said and done, I take these experiences and use them as inspiration for my job as a high-school foreign languages teacher and the books that I write. When I travel abroad, the last thing I want to do is stay cooped up in a hotel room. Instead, I spend my time getting to know the locals, learning the area’s history, and finding those hidden culinary gems. Of course, I have favorite destinations that I visit more often, but wherever I end up, I stay for at least a month. This gives me ample time to soak up as much of the surrounding culture as I can. This is partly because of my desire and dedication to further my knowledge of far-off places, whether it’s through scholarly journals or—my preference—up-close and personal. There’s no better way to learn about the spirit of a place than directly from the source. I love to absorb and understand a country’s history, dialects, and nuances. This is my favorite way to learn a new language! I write about these countries so I can share the knowledge I’ve gained abroad, as well as my appreciation for the diverse cultures of our world. I hope that my readers will discover the same passion for travel, adventure, and cultural mingling that enjoy so much! My easy-to-understand language-learning books can ignite your interest in far-off places and unlock the language barrier between us and many exciting people and places. Come along with me, as I explore the many hidden corners of the world! Best, Erica Stewart