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Four Major Paris-Related Novels by Jean-Thomas Cullen

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Mona Lisa Novel (Nocturne in Paris)

(Nocturne in Paris)

Mona Lisa Novel (Nocturne in Paris) by John Argo Set within a tragic, yet powerful and uplifting ghost story across three parallel realities; a journey from darkness into light, climaxing with the amazing new theory about Leonardo da Vinci's greatest secret: why he obsessively spent years painting his Mona Lisa. The *real* Da Vinci Code revealed at last! New: read free at Galley City (see below).

Airport Novel

The World is Round—Memories of Love & War 1942-1992

Click to visit the store page on this site for my Airport Novel, sweeping, panoramic saga of love, loss, betrayal, and finding—covers half a century and two major wars (World War Two and the Cold War). Could be described as: Herman Wouk sits in a bistro with Boris Pasternak; Robert Ludlum and John T. Cullen walk in and join them at the same table… New: read free at Galley City (see below).

Valley of Seven Castles

A Luxembourg Thriller

Click to visit the store page on this site for my Luxembourg thriller (Paris to Luxembourg at a Bourne Identity pace like in the 2003 movie with Matt Damon and Franka Potente; a Progressive Thriller). There's more: the plot structure is from the archetypal 1915 classic The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan; made into movies by Alfred Hitchcock and others. I discovered Hitchcock's Final Secret (hint: 1959 classic film North by Northwest). New: read free at Galley City (see below).

Paris Affaire

Passionate Love Story: Young Poet & His Angel in the City of Light

Click to visit the store page on this site for my romantic, lyrical story of a young poet and his mysterious faculty wife lover, set in contemporary Paris. It's a 2017 Paris remake of my long-ago youthful New Haven retrospective love (affair) story On Saint Ronan Street, written in Europe 1976 as a young U.S. Army soldier stationed four hours from Paris. Contains poems. Link: some details explained. New: read free at Galley City (see below).


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