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Late 2018: Moved Paris Bookshop to a New Website. I have made the move from Paris Bookshop to Books About Paris strictly for reasons of search engine optimization. In content and spirit, this site remains the same Paris Bookshop as before, simply at a new address. Think of it as moving from a quiet side street to a busy boulevard.

Navigation. The Author list contains the names of authors of both fiction and nonfiction, and at least one book title. The Author list is the most comprehensive place to search on this site. From there, you can look through the separate Fiction and Nonfiction (NF) lists on their separate pages. If you don't see what you're looking for, try searching (Ctrl+F in Windows) on a name or key word on the page. I continue adding authors and titles at a rate of about one per day. Often, I list only one title per author, so please do look at the author page on to see what else that author may have written.

Link Types. For each title, I offer typically only one link at Amazon. That is in most cases the physical (print) book listed at Amazon; if there is an e-book, that link will appear at the Amazon site, along with audio books, movies if any, and other options.

Why a Paris Bookshop? Why indeed a Paris Bookshop in San Diego, California? For one thing, aside from air travel, the online experience enables me to travel in virtual style to some of the wonderful places where I have lived, worked, and played in the world. Though this site is intended as mainly a Paris resource, consider that the world today is very interconnected in many ways. For example, during the Nazi occupation of Luxembourg, the royal family (then headed by Grand Duchess Charlotte) fled first to France, then to London, and finally settled in Quebec, Canada for much of World War Two. Most Luxemburgers (Luxembourgeois in French) are multi-lingual, speaking our own patois Lëtzebuergesch, (Fr. luxembourgeois; Ger. Luxemburgisch) plus German, French, and English. That list has grown to include other languages as well, from Portuguese and Italian to Chinese and Hindi (the main industry, steel, was bought out years ago by the Indian family of Lakshmi Mittal). Small country, long story, and rather peripheral to our interest in Paris on this site. But again, it's all connected these days, including relatively large (for a tiny country) Luxemburgish populations in Wisconsin and in Detroit. Just consider that it's a two hour train ride between Paris and Luxembourg on the blurry TGV—Train Grande Vitesse, meaning simply 'very fast train.' Make that a really, really fast train.

Open since November 2017—My Paris Bookshop. I have started with books and magazines, but plan to expand to a modest but compelling selection of uniquely Parisian, French, and European things to browse, love, and buy. Not to be confused with the novel by Nina George (The Little Paris Bookshop) featured here as one of many wonderful stories about Paris.

By late 2018, I have a rich selection here of fiction and nonfiction, including enjoyable novels as well as travel books and some of those gorgeous photo books. Maybe I'll even find some videos and music to transport your Paris dreams closer to reality.

New: Galley City. Starting in 2019, I am creating a new form of online novel, the HTML Novel. Think of it as a real-life bookstore metaphor. You can visit your favorite brick and mortar bookstore (e.g., Barnes & Noble) where you can sit and read all day for free as you wish. If you want to buy the book, that option is readily available. Same thing in my webplex (defined as a network of linked websites, whose main anchor site is John T. Cullen dot com). You can real (HTML Novels) all day long free and without obligation, while every page of text has a link to the e-book and p-book editions at Amazon in case you wish to buy. One of the logos is Read-a-Latte, meaning: for the price of a cup of coffee (which is gone in minutes) you can buy an e-book that will last a lifetime. Print editions available for most books as well. You can read dozens of books, articles, poems, and stories free at Galley City (dot com). Note the sister sites as well: Eros Galley City (Literotica) and Nonfiction Galley City (heavily under development).

Nice to See You. Thanks for your interest and patience—we'll talk more soon. Adieu until then. I'm your host, Jean-Thomas Cullen.

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