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Paris Affaire by Jean-Thomas Cullen

Paris Affaire: the Love Story of a Young Poet and His Angel in the City of Light: Contemporary Romantic Novel of Paris

They are both Parisian, but from opposite sides of the Métro tracks, so to speak. Marc, 23, is a young poet and rebel struggling to survive while composing symphonies and vignettes in free verse.

Emma, 30, is a wealthy, beautiful, classy faculty wife and former fashion model whose husband has abandoned her emotionally, is a paleontologist far away in Australia, is playing around with younger women, and finally says he wants to divorce her. She is alone, lonely, and hungry for a vibrant life full of fun, people, and adventures. She and Marc are ready for each other. It's instant fireworks the second they happen to meet unexpectedly in a campus break room at the Pantheon campus of Sorbonne University in the Latin Quarter (famously a.k.a. prestigious University of Paris).

Together, Marc and Emma click. They make music every second they are together. He is her artist, and she is his angel. Can they overcome the differences that fate has thrown between them? Will their love last forever or just the one year told in this story?

It's a young people's story: quirky, happy, sad, passionate, melancholy, joyful, reckless, and real.

Nothing lasts forever—not in Paris, not in this life. As the French say: C'est la vie. That is life. Enjoy every minute, every hour to the fullest.

Ending Alert: HEA. Enjoy the read, love the ride, and be prepared to have your socks knocked off by the surprises at the ending. Please review at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc and please tell your friends.

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Paris Affaire: the Love Story of a Young Poet and His Angel in the City of Light: Contemporary Romantic Novel of Paris