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The Last Time I Saw Paris

by Lynn Sheene

The Last Time I Saw Paris by Lynn Sheene

A stunning debut novel of a young American woman who becomes a spy in Paris during World War II.

May 1940. Fleeing a glamorous Manhattan life built on lies, Claire Harris arrives in Paris with a romantic vision of starting anew. But she didn't anticipate the sight of Nazi soldiers marching under the Arc de Triomphe. Her plans smashed by the German occupation, the once- privileged socialite's only option is to take a job in a flower shop under the tutelage of a sophisticated Parisian florist.

In exchange for false identity papers, Claire agrees to aid the French Resistance. Despite the ever-present danger, she comes to love the enduring beauty of the City of Light, exploring it in the company of Thomas Grey, a mysterious Englishman working with the Resistance. Claire's bravery and intelligence make her a valuable operative, and slowly her values shift as she witnesses the courageous spirit of the Parisians.

But deception and betrayal force her to flee once again-this time to fight for the man she loves and what she knows is right-praying she has the heart and determination to survive long enough to one day see Paris again.


•   Well-written, well-researched and genuinely suspenseful…—Charlaine Harris, bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series
•   "an exceptionally realistic account of the... [German] invasion of Paris... This nostalgic story will haunt me for months to come.—
•   Well written... with excellent pacing and a heart-felt story, there is only one way to celebrate this wonderful book, and that is by giving it a Perfect 10.—Romance Reviews Today
•   Sheene gives readers a heroine who could give Scarlett O'Hara lessons in determination and a fascinating taste of life in the City of Light during the difficult days of World War II.—The Chicago Tribune
•   With rich detail, smooth prose and an alluring story line, author Lynn Sheene captures the sight, taste, smell, texture, sound and energy of Nazi-occupied Paris in her debut novel The Last Time I Saw Paris.—Cortez Journal