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Going to Live in Paris by Alan Hart

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Going to Live in Paris by Alan Hart

Just what I ws looking for to extend my knowledge of Paris. Great information for the novice to French culture—oo-la-la (Reviewer)

Like many expats, Alan Hart, meant to spend just one year in France on a post-university stint, but ended up staying and making this city his home. His book is filled with practical information for people considering—and those who have already made—that same big move.


Divided into 22 user-friendly chapters, dealing with apartment hunting, finding employment, the social security system—and everything 'in between' those topics—the book's greatest asset is its success in demystifying the various facets of French bureaucracy that foreigners find so baffling—Paris Voice

For those of you contemplating moving to live and work in Paris, this guide is a must.—Living France

It covers just about everything you will want to know. Written from first-hand experience, this book is essential—France in Print

Interesting, full of useful information and good value for money—Phoenix