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Leonardo da Vinci

Biography/Nonfiction by Walter Isaacson

Professor Walter Isaacson, a noted specialist in the biographies of famous people, has penned an exhaustive, in-depth study of the enigmatic Renaissance Man Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). He devotes a full chapter to one painting: the Mona Lisa, which hangs in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Although Leonardo was Italian, he spent his last several years in France under the patronage of King François I. Several of his most famous works are displayed in Paris, making him a French artist as well as an Italian one. Those major works at the Louvre include the Mona Lisa and La Belle Ferronnière. Click on the Amazon link at right for more information, or visit the book page on this Paris Bookshop website (link at right also).

Mona Lisa Novel (Nocturne in Paris)

Fiction/Novel/Fantasy by John Argo*

At last, Leonardo's Final Secret Revealed. Like everyone else over the last 500 years, Jean-Thomas Cullen was captivated by Lisa Gherardini's portrait, painted half a millennium ago. This author has been to see the portrait in the Louvre numerous times over many years. On a separate track from this novel, he had been pondering a hypothesis that has turned into a stunning new theory. While developing this moving story of a young U.S. soldier stationed in Europe long ago, a young father stunned by tragedy but given a real-life vision from another world—the result was this moving ghost story. She's a ghost on a mission (Claire, hence the title, a play on words), offering a perfect fit with several related Parisian themes including the mystery of Leonardo's most famous painting. The novel moves from darkness toward light in a stunning climax involving Jean-Thomas Cullen's new theory about Leonardo and the Mona Lisa.

By pure coincidence, Prof. Isaacson's biography (nonfiction; no connection with Jean-Thomas Cullen's work) was published at almost the exact same time, containing an entire long chapter dedicated to the Mona Lisa painting. When we are dealing with ghosts, especially ones on an important mission like Claire in this novel, we never know where fact ends and fiction begins. Jean-Thomas Cullen clearly states he has written a novel (fiction; dark fantasy) but he is equally clear that he considers his theory of Mona Lisa and her painter to be very plausible, given the endless imagination, scientific curiosity, and inventive genius of Leonardo da Vinci. Click on the Amazon link at right for more information, or visit the book page on this Paris Bookshop website (link at right also).

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