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How To Become A Woman of Charme

by Chiara Giuliani

How to Become a Woman of Charme

(Black and White Edition): The Ultimate Guide to Timeless Style

About the Book

Charme is a French word whose meaning is slightly different from the English term charm. It indicates that blend of beauty, elegance, appeal, allure, and style that can make a woman glamorous and irresistible. As a matter of fact, the beauty and allure of a woman are so much more than just long legs, deep eyes, and luscious hair—they are brought about by the holistic effect of many elements, including personality, which can make a woman extremely attractive in her own unique way.

This unmatched style manual illustrates step-by-step how to attain an inimitable charme and find the look perfect for you, the one that’s appropriate for every situation and most importantly aligned with your personality—because every woman, whatever her body type, always has the possibility of becoming more attractive as long as she listens to her own style, and even a simple pair of jeans can produce outstanding results as long as they’re in step with the character of the woman wearing them.

Divided into easy-to-read chapters and enriched by lots of no-cost ideas and useful illustrations, this book explains how to identify your personal style and how to enhance your strongest points with the help of colors, patterns, and fabrics but also with priceless tips unearthed from the past. This guide also explains how a woman of any body shape can look good, with the help of tricks and secrets that allow you to put together tailor-made outfits without spending a bunch while highlighting your personality, boosting your unique sense of style, and bolstering your self-esteem.

In short, this book will help you achieve your own unique chic and stylish look. As Coco Chanel once put it, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” (See description at Amazon for more info on various editions.)


About the Author

Chiara Giuliani, an architect with a passion for style and fashion, lives in Florence, Italy. After some academic and professional publications, she started writing books about fashion and lifestyle. Her first book La Casa di Charme is a manual for making your home your own unique place, with hints to make spaces look visually bigger and more proportionate. How to Become a Woman of Charme is her second book—a manual of personal style to provide women of all ages with the tools to build their self-confidence by enhancing their strong points, and to help them feel more beautiful and attractive. The author's book 101 Ways To Look Slimmer and Taller provides useful suggestions to stretch out the silhouette and get a slender figure, giving all women an immediate tool for improving their image, and thus increasing their self-esteem. Chiara's motto comes from a famous quote by Coco Chanel: "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."