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Virago Woman's Travel Guide to Paris

by Catherine Cullen

Virago Woman's Travel Guide to Paris

About the Book

A guide to Paris for the independent woman traveler who is intent on getting the most out of the city by day and by night, on varied budgets. It's a city intent on pleasure and revolution—each symbolized by a woman, La Liberté, and "the red whore." The book contains listings of galleries, shops, and cafes. Contains recommendations on hotels, restaurants, and public transport. There is also information about avoiding potential harassment and danger. Guides women readers in moving about the city with curiosity, interest, and enthusiasm.

Books About Paris Note. Listed at Amazon (2018) but not on the Virago Press website—UK feminist press publisher, publisher of books by women, and publisher of Virago Modern Classics. This particular nonfiction title may be out of print by 2018; looks like used copies available. No other info at this time. Author not related to John T. Cullen, publisher of this website—JTC.