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A Train in Winter

An Extraordinary Story of Women, Friendship,
and Resistance in Occupied France

by Caroline Moorehead (The Resistance Trilogy)

A Train in Winter: An Extraordinary Story of Women, Friendship, and Resistance in Occupied France  Caroline Moorehead (Resistance Trilogy)

The New York Times bestseller, now available in paperback—the riveting and little-known story of a group of female members of the French resistance who were deported together to Auschwitz, a remarkable number of whom survived.

In January 1943, 230 women of the French Resistance were sent to the death camps by the Nazis who had invaded and occupied their country.

This is their story, told in full for the first time—a searing and unforgettable chronicle of terror, courage, defiance, survival, and the power of friendship.

Caroline Moorehead, a distinguished biographer, human rights journalist, and the author of Dancing to the Precipice and Human Cargo, brings to life an extraordinary story.

Readers of Mitchell Zuckoff’s Lost in Shangri-La, Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts, and Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken will this find an essential addition to our retelling of the history of World War II. It is a riveting, rediscovered story of courageous women who sacrificed everything to combat the march of evil across the world.


•   By turns heartbreaking and inspiring—Caroline Weber, New York Times Book Review
•   [A] moving novelistic portrait… An inspiring and fascinating read—Meredith Maran, People, 3½ stars
•   An extremely moving and intensely personal history of the Auschwitz universe as experienced by these women… A powerful and moving book—Natasha Lehrer, Times Literary Supplement UK
•   [Moorehead] traces the lives and deaths of all her subjects with unswerving candor and compassion… In Moorehead’s telling, neither evil nor good is banal; and if the latter doesn’t always triumph, it certainly inspires—Elysa Gardner, USA Today
•   As chronicled by Moorehead with unblinking accuracy, their agonies are appalling to contemplate, their stories of survival and friendship under duress enthralling to hear—More magazine
•   “Haunting account of bravery, friendship, and endurance—Marie Claire
•   Compelling… Moorehead weaves into her suspenseful, detailed narrative myriad personal stories of friendship, courage, and heartbreak—Kirkus Reviews
•   Heightened by electrifying, and staggering, detail, Moorehead’s riveting history stands as a luminous testament to the indomitable will to survive and the unbreakable bonds of friendship—Booklist starred review
•   Even history’s darkest moments can be illuminated by spectacular courage, such as courage that Caroline Moorehead movingly celebrates in A Train in Winter… Moorehead has created a somber account, sensitively rendered, of yet another grim legacy of war—Judith Chettle, Richmond Times-Dispatch
•   The first complete account of these extraordinary women and, incredibly, over 60 years later we are still learning new and terrible truths about the Holocaust… An important new perspective. . . . Careful research and sensitive retelling—Buzzy Jackson, Boston Sunday Globe