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Welcome to the Paris Giftshop

Special Random Notes about Souvenirs

by Jean-Thomas Cullen

Ideally, traditionally, we travel someplace and, to remember how thrilling it was, we buy a keepsake to always remind us. Usually, it's a pretty little thing of some sort to be displayed on a shelf of memories, photos, and treasures in our livingroom. Or it may consist of a little stash of presents for our friends and loved ones, to share the glow as we tell stories (and gush about how happy we are to be home again). That's still the time-honored way to do it, and far be it from me to suggest any changes. But the world has changed, and I want to offer a few observations for what it's worth. This went from a few random notes to something of an essay, so now I'm breaking into separate pages with a table of contents for you.


00 Introduction (you're here)
01 Souvenirs (Memories)
02 Rome Trip, Anecdote
03 Validation: Use Postcards
04 Refrigerator Magnets (RM)
05 Irish Cheese: a Learning Moment
06 Island USA, Chocolate
07 Chocolate: De Gustibus etc.
08 Victoria Station, London Cocoa
09 The Wine in Spine…
10 French Bread in Las Vegas
11 World Peace, China Syndrome, etc.
12 Tourism and Trinkets: Scam or Glam?



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